Self Made

A series about self made people from wildly diverse backgrounds. How they got started, how they built their business and tips for other entrepreneurs based on their own experience. Each 22-minute episode contains four self made people and can be watched on Amazon Prime.


Towns is an episodic series based on the biggest stories from the smallest places. Towns is now available on Amazon Prime to connect it's 65 million members to the people of Towns. Urban viewers will meet the unique characters that make each Town one of a kind. Towns are authentic, organic, honest and direct stages for like minded Brands to connect with viewers in a variety of ways without ads.

 Ray The Collector and Jeanette The Fashionista

Ray The Collector and Jeanette The Fashionista

 Felix The Mayor and Ed The Barber

Felix The Mayor and Ed The Barber

Spartan Race

In 2011 we started a web video series SpartanRace.TV. Four years and 100+ races later, the video rights were acquired by NBC. In 2017, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge enters it's 2nd season. Turning participants into fans and fans into lovers of brands that support their passion creates a virtuous cycle of growth. Here are some of our Spartan stories.

Chasing a hangover with more pre-race beer, Hunter was surprised to find he placed in the top 10 of his first Spartan Race. Extreme has always been his motto. Priorities recalibrate, Hunter has a Spartan Championship, The longest winning streak ever on Steve Austin's Broken Skull challenge, and many other wins and appearances to make Hunter one of the most successful pro obstacle racers in the world.

What happens when a brand enters the race? How can we make content entertaining if the brand appears in almost every shot? We Find New Roads in Valle De Brava Mexico.


Find New Roads

Localizing a car buying experience where local buyers spread your brand to their friends is not easy. Dealers are typically hooked on the 30 second promo and DRV's make sure most of those are a blur. Creating content that will spread beyond the ad skippers is really not that difficult. One family, one Silverado, one day, finding new roads. We created this social video series which became their most successful video campaign in their 60 year history.