Showtime in Clifton Arizona

Traveling through 100's of small towns over four years filming the Spartan Race series, we saw towns of 2,000 people double in size over an obstacle gorging race weekend. The towns received a quick economic jolt but our cameras focused on the athletes and the race and none of the buzz was extended beyond the finish line to the people that made each town one of a kind. Towns "The Series", was created to showcase people of towns and highlight brands that are real, organic and honest, just like the towns themselves. Like a highlight reel of unknown places bouncing off giant projector screens of known brands, their mutual self-interest creates their own buzz as they connect with viewers who appreciate finding new places, people, and brands that are confident enough to give the towns the spotlight.

Martyr Custom Cycles

We are not fans of commercials except Super Bowl ads. That may be difficult to reconcile with our accountant's long held beliefs, "any video, is good video". The problem with interrupting someone with an ad, the program is so unrelated to the ad content, you are talking over your own audience. It's noise. It is largely a waste of time and money unless the program content is so aligned with the advertising brands it almost becomes part of the show. 

Martyr needed an ad for a national show on DirecTV that was a direct fit with their brand. We needed to create a seamless blend to Tivo stop all the Day+1 viewers.

Just to make sure, why not brand their brand on the owner! Spoiler alert, we had a 20-lb turkey stand in as a buttcheek double.

Gilbert Arizona

Cuban Coffee

At the back nine of 2015, it felt like Cuba was going to break wide open. A client wanted to be there when it happened. Their idea was to import the most exclusive coffee in the world that has been off limits until now. The big idea was to capture the mythical breeding ground when the beans were in heat and create a documentary that matched the new coffee brand and the place of their birth. We registered to launch the film and the brand.

In October, the start of the harvest we made our way into the Crystal Mountain Preserve.  Our documentary on the world's best cup is on hold until the political winds blow the elusive beans into the roasters of Miami.

For now, here is a short of our trip.

Trinidad and Havana Cuba

Race Against Pain

When Boston Scientific needed a way to attract viewers in pain to their site, we created a behind the scenes video with one of their patients. When one writes a check to spread a message, the natural instinct is to "get their money's worth" by showing the brand too much or fill it so full of corporate platitudes the viewers disengage and the message with the check goes in the wood chipper. In medical marketing, less is always more.

Tito Ortiz Rehabbing with the Troops

Tito Ortiz fights through pain his entire career. UFC Lightweight Champion describes his injuries and how he gives back to helping out Veterans battle back from theirs.

We created PainChannel.TV to highlight similar stories and connect Doctors, Patients and medical device companies in a localized way delivering regional search results with added national reach with celebrities and athletes overcomming their pain.

Huntington Beach CA

Gladiators Breaking Bad

The real genius of creativity is recognizing great circumstances. Preparation, hard work...that sells self-help books but sometimes it's just too perfect to screw up.

In the Summer of 2012, a hard overnight rain, steep downhill finish line and 5 meatheads from the city with sticks competing for a Roid Rage Emmy, created the perfect storm of content. 

Tuxedo Ridge New York

I am a Spartan Racer

All great films have the same basic formula. Characters, conflict, and resolution ("CCR"). Building a race series means building the characters. We profiled 30 Spartan Elite athletes over a three year period. If you are short on budget and need to grow your idea, start with the best camera you already have, remember audio is 50% of the video experience and follow the CCR's. Don't wait until you think you can afford a video crew, watch this biography and you will realize it is not that difficult to start building your own brand characters today.

Fort Lauderdale Florida

Boston Scientific Race Against Pain

Mike Roman took drugs like he raced cars, fast. He hit rock bottom with the loss of his leg when the pain consumed him. He found relief through a Boston Scientific spinal cord stimulator. Since then, it was back to racing and racing to help others in pain.

Boston Scientific needed a way for reps to introduce people in pain to Mike and their website.

Santa Clarita California