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— Chad Harris

Self Made is a 10 episode series on Amazon Prime featuring 40 different Self Made stories. From an 8 year old who made $25,000 using other's trash, a woman who drives the Scooby Doo Monster Truck, and a homeless performer who made it big, each story is a first person's narrative of how they did it.

3 years and over 50 episodes, the Spartan Race was our first big winner. We developed the online channel SpartanRace.TV. The virtuous cycle of fans bringing attention to sponsors, sponsors bringing attention to distributors, led to the series being sold to NBC. Today Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge is the lead in show to Americas Ninja Warrior and Spartan Race is now doing over 300 million a year in sales.

When Boston Scientific needed a simple way to connect people with chronic pain to their complex technology, we created a series of easy to share videos of an athlete who turned his life of pain into a life without it. Viewers could then attend events, to meet Michael and specialists who provide their pain technology.

How do you integrate a sponsor without boring viewers without saying a word? Our Chevrolet promo video in Mexico at the Spartan Race Via De Bravo.

We created a 30 part series of athlete biographies for The Spartan Race series connecting fans with the top OCR athletes. Hunter McIntyre has since catapulted himself from his first hungover race, into a top OCR athlete in the World winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and the Spartan World Championship, World's Tough Mudder, Broken Skull Ranch three season champion. 

A series about the biggest stories from the smallest places. Hidden towns forgotten by the press that tell their story through the people who live there. Towns, now available on Amazon Prime.