I am a Spartan Racer

All great films have the same basic formula. Characters, conflict, and resolution ("CCR"). Building a race series means building the characters. We profiled 30 Spartan Elite athletes over a three year period. If you are short on budget and need to grow your idea, start with the best camera you already have, remember audio is 50% of the video experience and follow the CCR's. Don't wait until you think you can afford a video crew, watch this biography and you will realize it is not that difficult to start building your own brand characters today.

Boston Scientific Race Against Pain

Mike Roman took drugs like he raced cars, fast. He hit rock bottom with the loss of his leg when the pain consumed him. He found relief through a Boston Scientific spinal cord stimulator. Since then, it was back to racing and racing to help others in pain.

Boston Scientific needed a way for reps to introduce people in pain to Mike and their website.